BlackRock Founder's Scholarship - Oct. 2nd Deadline

The BlackRock Founder's Scholarship is a scholarship program for undergraduate students who identify as Black, Hispanic, Native American, LGBT, or disabled and have demonstrated leadership in creating and sustaining diverse, inclusive communities. The award includes a position within BlackRock's Summer Internship Program, as well as a merit award of $15,000.

 Click HERE to learn more! 

Application Deadline:

Sunday, October 2nd @ 11:59pm EST

 Interview Timeline:  

October & November 2016

 Please share this amazing opportunity within your networks and with eligible college students whom are interested in learning more about opportunities at BlackRock. This opportunity is available for all New York and San Francisco roles. Visit to learn more.

LIF Mentorship Program: September 30th Registration Deadline

We would like to remind students and professionals about the upcoming deadline (THIS FRIDAY, September 30th) to register for our LIF Mentorship Program

Click HERE to learn more and register!


If you didn't hand in your resume at the Bootcamp and would like for it to be included in our resume bank, you can email it to


Again, we would like to extend a special thank you to all LIF Finance Bootcamp attendees, volunteers, speakers and sponsors, including BlackRock, Charles Schwab, and New York Life!

LIF Monthly Member Spotlight

Gustavo Mena was the Chair of the Young Professionals Committee from 2015 to 2016, responsible for planning and leading the 7th Annual Bootcamp. Gustavo attended the Latinos in Finance Bootcamp while a senior in college, and graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2014 with a B.Sc. in the Accounting and a minor in Mathematics. Gustavo worked at Deloitte as a Senior Audit Assistant in Deloitte’s Investment Management group, and joined Cohen Capital Management as an Equity Research Analyst Intern this past summer. Gustavo is a student at Princeton University’s Masters in Finance program, with an expected graduation date of 2018. He is currently applying for summer internships, and can be reached via e-mail at

Q: How did you get involved in Latinos in Finance? How did you get into planning the Bootcamp?

A: As a senior in college, I heard about a finance Bootcamp for Latinos. I figured I would learn a little bit about the application of finance in the real world, but I didn't expect that I would be inspired to reach the top of the finance field. I figured if a Latino could be a CIO or CEO, then I could too. I knew then that Latinos in Finance was a special organization that I had to stay in touch with. When the opportunity came to me to lead the Bootcamp the next year as a fresh college graduate, I took it.  

Q: While you were planning the Bootcamp, what part were you most excited about seeing come into fruition?

A: I really wanted to share the same feeling of amazement that I felt as a college student with all the attendees. I wanted to inspire others as I was inspired. I think we did accomplish that feat through  the speakers that presented on finance topics and their own careers. The lineup was truly spectacular, and once again showed me that the finance talent in the Latino community runs very deeply.

Q: What advice would you give students to build off what they learned at the Bootcamp?

A: I think that learning content is one thing and that's what we have historically offered at Bootcamps. If students are truly interested in finance and in learning about it in a non-superficial way then they should go far. Finance can be so general, so when someone can demonstrate a deep knowledge of the markets then I am very impressed. There is also the aspect of building relationships with people that share similar interests. I kept in touch with people from Latinos in Finance that I met as a college student. Beyond that, I was also grateful for the effort that Latinos in Finance members put into running the Bootcamp, which was a factor for me becoming involved with Latinos in Finance as much as I was. Being grateful has kept me grounded, which can be tough when you are surrounded by very intelligent and wealthy people. Besides that, be bold and ask for what you want.  

Q: What was your favorite experience in LiF outside of the Bootcamp?

A: The reason I was so involved with Latinos in Finance was because of the people that were in the organization. Latinos in Finance has very intelligent, grateful, and compassionate people. I enjoyed the time I spent with the members in and out of Latinos in Finance events and made some great friendships.

Q: What benefits does staying involved with LiF have on the development of a young professional's career? What positive benefits did it have for you?

A: Transitioning into the professional world is tough, so the people I met through the organization really helped me to lead a more fulfilling life by getting involved. At the same time, I was encouraged to continue my education. I probably wouldn't have applied to Princeton's Masters in Finance program had I not had conversations with the past President of LIF, Kennie Blanco. You don’t really know what to expect with organizations and relationships in general, but with good intentions and an open mind you'll be surprised by the benefits that you never expected or sought out.  

LiF 8th Annual Bootcamp Photos

We at Latinos in Finance thank all attendees for making the 8th Annual Bootcamp a great success! Check out the pictures capturing the memorable highlights from the event. 

Announcing the LiF Mentorship Program

The inauguration of the Latinos in Finance mentorship program is near! This is an exciting and ambitious program in which students will be paired up with a Latino finance professional to ease their transition into the work world. 

If you would like more information on this exciting opportunity, whether you are interested as a student or a mentorship volunteer, please check out our dedicated page

We are honored to embark on this monumental effort to foster a new generation of Latino finance professionals!

August Newsletter


Directional Ambition & Owning Your Career – Tuesday, August 30th from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Latinas in Finance invites you to an interactive presentation led by Maya Tussing, Principal at Alesco Advisors, on Directional Ambition. Maya will present the four-factor model to help you achieve your personal objective and fulfill your ambition. The presentation will be followed by a panel Q&A and give you various perspectives on successfully owning your career. Click here to RSVP.

Latinx LGBTQ Mixer Event – Tuesday, August 30th @ 6:00 PM: The Latino Community Foundation's (LCF) recently-launched Latinx LGBTQ community is off to a great start. LCF is looking to grow this circle! Join LCF and invite friends to the mixer at Google SF. Click here to register. 

Latinos in Finance Annual Bootcamp - Saturday, September 10th from 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM: It’s almost time for the 8th Annual Latinos in Finance Bootcamp! The full agenda and FAQs can be viewed on the Latinos in Finance website. Space is limited, so be sure to RSVP as soon as you can ensure you can make it to the event!

Students can RSVP here. Experienced professionals interested in volunteering for the event are highly encouraged to contact Ari Valadez via email at or via her cell at (559) 630-2086.


swiping right.png

Swiping Right for Your Financial Future - The Charles Schwab Diversity & Inclusion Network hosted an event featuring several workshops focusing on personal financial security. Topics included saving for retirement, the fundamentals of investing, budgeting costs, and the basics of mortgages. Latinos in Finance would like to thank Charles Schwab for their hospitality and contributing their expertise to this educational event.


The Benefits & Implications of Equity Crowdfunding - Latinos in Finance, in partnership with the Latino Startup Alliance and Latinoforce, organized an event to educate members on topics related to equity crowdfunding, including the permittance of nonaccredited investors to participate in the growth of startups, the tax implications of equity crowdfunding, and connecting startups and potential investors. The panel featured a number of top professionals in their respective fields, including Latinos in Finance’s own Raul Escatel of Escatel Tax Law, and Ruben Hernandez, partner at DevLabs. Latinos in Finance would like to thank the experienced panelists and Salesforce for providing a venue for the event.


Do you have ideas for future events? Are you interested in a specific event topic? Latinos in Finance is committed to serving the needs of Latino finance professionals and students and would appreciate your feedback! Pease fill out this poll and let us know what events you want to see in the future!

For any questions or additional input regarding the poll, please email Kathleen Velasquez at


Juan Antonio Barroso

Managing Director, Marketing Strategy, Charles Schwab


This month’s featured member is the Vice President of Latinos in Finance, Juan Antonio Barroso. Juan manages marketing strategy for Charles Schwab Bank and recently became one of the youngest Managing Directors at Charles Schwab. In addition to his primary role, Juan is also the co-chair for the Schwab Organization of Latinos, Charles Schwab’s Latino employee resource group for the Bay Area. Before joining Schwab in 2013, Juan was managing the Strategy and Business Development group for Health Net of California.

Juan graduated with Honors from UC Berkeley in 2006, with a Bachelor’s degree in Legal Studies and a minor in 19th Century Literature. He is a Gates Millennium Scholar, Golden State Scholar, National Hispanic Merit Scholar, an alumnus of Charles Schwab’s Aspiring Leader Program, and a recipient of the San Francisco Giants Willie McCovey Award for Community Service. Outside of work, Juan’s commitments include serving as Vice President of Latinos in Finance, a mentor for the Peninsula College Fund, and coaching youth baseball through the Bayview Hunters Point YMCA.

Juan is the youngest of five siblings, and the first member of his family born in the United States. He was raised in King City, California by parents who came to the U.S. from Mexico in order to provide greater opportunity for their children. Juan loves the Raiders.

Why did you choose a career in the financial industry?

It was pure luck. When I was a sophomore at UC Berkeley, I started looking for local internship opportunities. I received an offer from World Savings and decided to take it. My internship was in product marketing. I stayed with the company about four years. When I left, I went to a health insurer named Health Net. I started there in a marketing role, was moved into a sales effectiveness role, and then ultimately was moved into strategy and business development. One day out of the blue, I received a phone call from the person that offered me the internship at World Savings. She was now working at Charles Schwab, and had a job offer. I hadn’t heard from her in years. Even though I was happy at my job, I was willing to listen to her offer because of the respect I have for her. Plus I’m a firm believer that it’s a lot easier to look for a great new job when you already have one you like.

How did you get involved in LIF?

LIF reached out to me about two years ago when they were looking for a place to host the Student Boot Camp. We were able to host it at Schwab that year. I was very impressed with the organization and figured this would be a good outlet for doing whatever I can to help folks younger than me get going or move up in their career.

What kinds of roles and responsibilities do you have as Vice President of Latinos in Finance?

I think my role in anything I do is to provide a healthy level of skepticism. I ask a lot of questions to make sure we as an organization are spending time on things that matter and that people feel empowered in their roles. Everyone in the organization does so on a voluntary basis so I don’t lose sight of the fact that everyone has their actual job, and takes on this second responsibility for free. I also work closely with the fundraising*, external relations and marketing/branding team of the organization. I also try to make sure things in our organization don’t get too serious, stuffy or boring. Who would want to spend their free time at something that feels too much like “work”?

*If you are interested in donating to Latinos in Finance, you can visit this page. Make sure to designate the donation towards Latinos in Finance.

Do you aim to support the President, distinguish yourself in separate roles, or a combination of both?

Job number one is to do whatever Valerie (the President) tells me. Everyone in LIF leadership supports one another. This is a volunteer organization, so most efforts require a lot of collaboration. Valerie and I both spend a lot of time trying to meet more people who would be good fits for LIF leadership roles. We also divide core focus areas of the organization so that we can be efficient, and so that LIF leadership members don’t end up feeling micro-managed.

How have you seen your involvement within LiF intersect with your professional life? How have you seen the two areas intersect for other members, and what benefits have you seen arise?

The reason LIF originally reached out to me a few years ago is because I volunteered to be a co-chair of Schwab’s Latino diversity group for the Bay Area, so without my professional life I would have never been in touch with LIF. Diversity and being involved in the local community are things that are very important at Schwab, and I am lucky to work for a company that supports my commitment to LIF.  

I have seen numerous LIF leadership members join because they were professional colleagues with someone else in LIF. The organization offers an easy and ongoing way to continue to stay in touch with other Latino finance focused professionals in the area. We are unique in that we are focused in one industry, and focused in the Bay Area. At events you get to build relationships with people you likely will stay in touch with for years. When you continue to build relationships in an industry and geographically focused network, at some point you will benefit from either having someone you can ask for a hand, or being the person who can offer a hand.        

What do you think of the impact LIF has had on how Latinos are represented within the finance industry in the Bay Area?

From my experience, LIF has done a great job of raising the profile and visibility of Latino members of the finance industry. The organization has a pretty high standard for the type of people that we recruit and offer leadership roles to. Part of the reason for this is we want to make sure people that get involved are easy to work with, but we also have a bigger goal. At some point when leadership members are meeting with potential donors or leaders from the various firms in the Bay Area, they will represent more than just LIF - they will be putting a face to the broader local Latino finance community.

Tell us about your favorite LiF event/experience!

The very first Boot Camp I participated in. We hosted it at Schwab, and I was able to speak to students highlighting the importance of effective job interview skills. During my session I mentioned that interviews are a million times easier when you already know the person you are speaking to, and especially if they are an advocate of yours. Given that, I encouraged students to make sure to network and ask the professionals who volunteered for the boot camp for their business cards, and to stay in touch. During the networking portion, various students asked me for my card. two of whom actually followed up afterwards. I stayed in touch with both, and they later became leadership members: Gustavo Mena who is now moving on to start graduate school at Princeton, and Hector Martinez who is our current external relations chair.

Do you have any personal goals you hope to accomplish within LIF? What potential do you see in the future of the organization?

I would like to see the organization add talented people to leadership positions on an ongoing basis. Without constant change things are boring, and ideas get stale. If anyone is interested in this, please email me I also would like for the organization to get to the point where we can provide scholarships to college students. For this to happen, we need to continue to grow our relationship with local firms in the Bay Area. We already have some great partners like Schwab and BlackRock, but to take the next step in our organization’s evolution we really need to expand our support network.


CalPers is currently looking to fill the following positions: 

  • Private Equity (GE) - Investment Officer II position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 8/23/2016.
  • Asset Allocation/Risk Management (AA/RM) - Associate Investment Manager position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 9/6/2016.


Careers in the financial services industry can be stressful. Practicing yoga can improve your ability to focus and relax. 

Learn more about yoga classes in the Bay Area that fellow LIF members are attending and join the Meet Up group!

July Newsletter


Swiping Right for Your Financial Future – Thursday, July 21st from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM:Come join the Charles Schwab Diversity & Inclusion Network for an evening of networking, financial education and FUN through an interactive format designed to help you take ownership of your financial future. Workshop topics include the fundamentals of investing and home buying, 401(k) plans, and debt management. Refreshments will be served.

This event is free. Please RSVP here.

The Benefits and Implications of Equity Crowdfunding - Tuesday, August 2nd from 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM: Save the date for this event, hosted by LIF, the Latino Startup Alliance, and LatinoForce. Stay tuned, more details to follow!

Latinos in Finance Boot Camp for Students - Saturday, September 10th: Save the date for our annual finance boot camp! Students can click here to register for this year's event.

This year's Boot Camp is still in need of volunteers. We are seeking experienced professionals who can present on a finance-related topic, as well as volunteers to help plan the event. Our goal is to share best practices with young Latinos that want to break into the financial industry. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Ari Valadez via email at, or via cell at (559) 630-2086.



Latinos in Finance is pleased to introduce our new President, Valerie Wong!

Valerie is a Senior Associate at MSCI, Inc. and a member of the Index Client Coverage team. She relocated from Monterrey, Mexico to San Francisco in 2012. Valerie’s service with MSCI dates back to 2010, where she interned while completing her master's degree. Upon graduation, Valerie was offered her position as an Index Client Service Analyst.

Valerie graduated Summa Cum Laude from the EGADE Business School (Tec de Monterey) with a Masters of Finance degree. She holds a B.Sc. in Accounting and minor in Professional Accounting Development. Valerie also holds a B. A. in International Business and a minor in Economics from John Brown University.

Valerie passed Level II of the CFA Program. Born and raised in Panama, Valerie is bilingual, and is fluent in both Spanish and English. She has a passion for building relationships and helping others achieve their full potential. She founded the Diversity and Inclusion Network at MSCI, is an active member of Women in ETFs, is part of the Latino Ministry Board at her local church, and is also a certified yoga instructor.


Q: Many residents of San Francisco, and large Californian cities in general, have come from other areas. What ultimately led you to the city of San Francisco? Why did you choose a career in the financial industry?

A: Many things led me to San Francisco, including the nice weather and its multicultural diversity, but what ultimately led me here was my work. I had already been traveling to the West Coast multiple times a year for client visits, so I fell in love with San Francisco and asked to be relocated.

I chose a career in finance because it gives me the opportunity to apply my analytical skills and education (I studied Accounting and International Business and have a Masters in Finance) with my passion for building  relationships and helping others.

Q: What keeps you motivated to serve as the President of Latinos In Finance?

A: What keeps me motivated is the people. We have a great leadership team and it is a pleasure to be surrounded by people who share my passion for helping others and serving the community.

Q: How have you seen your involvement within LiF intersect with your professional life? How have you seen the two areas intersect for other members, and what benefits have you seen arise?

A: I actually got involved with LIF because Kennie Blanco, who was my client and President of Latinos in Finance at the time, invited me to join one of the LIF Leadership meetings. LIF has given me and other members the opportunity to get to know other professionals in the finance services industry and to put in practice skills such as leadership, organization, and communication skills needed to succeed in our professional lives.

Q: How do you measure the impact that LIF has had on how Latinos are represented within the finance industry in the Bay Area?

A:There are several members who now hold Board and leadership positions who got involved with LIF because they attended the Finance Bootcamp while they were students and benefited from it so much. They now work in the finance industry and are looking for ways to pay it forward.

Q: Tell us about your favorite LiF event/experience!

A: My favorite LIF event was the first event I organized with LIF, which was sponsored by BlackRock's Multicultural Network.  I suggested Julie Castro Abrams, CEO of the Bay Area Women Leaders Network to be the speaker for this event, as she had been the speaker for a Women in ETFs event that I had helped organized. Julie also invited Noni Allwood from Innovo21 to join her for the interactive section of the LIF presentation called "When Latinas Lead: Leveraging Strengths and Networks." The event was a success with over 60 attendees including BlackRock's Multicultural Network and LIF members, and I learned so much from these two wonderful women.  I then invited Noni to speak at our following event at Deloitte on Executive Presence. Various attendees liked both events so much that they have now gotten involved with the organization. 

Q: I'm new to LIF, and I'm interested in learning more about the group. Who should I talk to, and where should I go to find out how to get more involved?

A: You can reach out to me or any LIF Board member via LinkedIn or e-mail. My e-mail is At the bottom of each newsletter, we include links to our social media sites where you can also connect with us. We encourage all new members to come to our events and talk to us in person about how they would like to get involved. We always make sure we have time to network at our events for this very reason! Our next event is on August 2nd at 5pm at Salesforce's offices in Rincon Center.



Your future starts here - Apply to the Richard B. Fisher Scholarship Program

Morgan Stanley is made up of many talents and perspectives. This diversity is what makes us unique. What you are interested in and how you approach the world will determine your individual path at Morgan Stanley. We strive to build an organization that is diverse in experience and background while reflecting our standards of integrity and excellence. One way we demonstrate this commitment is through the Morgan Stanley Richard B. Fisher Scholarship Program. which is an integral part of our diversity recruiting efforts helping to attract Black, Hispanic, Native American, and LGBT college juniors and sophomores.

If selected as a Scholar, you will receive a $15,000 scholarship for exceptional academic achievement and a summer internship with Morgan Stanley. We encourage students of all majors and disciplines to apply.

To Apply, Please Click on One of the Links Below:

Graduating Class of 2018

Click Here

Graduating Class of 2019

Click Here

Wave One Application Deadline: June 26, 2016

Wave Two Application Deadline: October 2, 2016

Wave Three Application Deadline: November 6, 2016 

Please direct any questions to



  • Portfolio Analytics (PA) is recruiting to fill one Associate Investment Manager position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 7/21/2016.


Money Talks

Money Talks was an event hosted by the Bay Area Women Leaders Network. This event focused on helping attendees determine their financial worth. The president of Latinos in Finance, Valerie Wong, co-hosted the Money Talks and participated in a pop-up panel to promote LIF. The panel focused on four key points to negotiate optimal financial capital: sizing up the market; investigating and interviewing; strategizing; acting. Attendees left the event with a refined framework for improving salary negotiations. The Latinas in Finance committee would like to thank the Bay Area Women Leaders Network for organizing this event.

June Newsletter

Please see our June newsletter for a recap of Latinos in Finance events that took place in the month of May, a calendar of events taking place in the month of June, and new volunteer and job opportunities.

 May Event Recap

Latino ERG, Business Professional & Non-Profit Wine Mixer

We had between 75 - 100 people attend the Cuatro de Mayo wine mixer at Schwab's headquarters. The groups represented include numerous companies and organizations, such as: Latinos in Finance, ALPFA, MSCI, Schwab, PG&E, Deloitte, KPMG, Nielsen, BlackRock, and Gap. To get connected with Schwab please email Juan Antonio Barroso at

Expanding Financial Inclusion: Creating Products with Dignity, Quality, and Affordability

This SOCAP 365 event was co-hosted by Latinos in Finance, and featured panelists that focused on how traditional finance instruments may not be fit to serve markets consisting of individuals from various socioeconomic backgrounds. Many of the issues mentioned were relevant to the Latino community, and the event focused on how financial institutions can overcome these challenges and promote financial inclusion and investment reach. Two examples provided were those of an immigrant (whom based on his/her experience in his/her home country) may exhibit excessive caution when dealing with traditional banking establishments in the US, as well as lower income entrepreneurs, whom may be excellent at managing money, but may not have access to financial backing. The panelists covered current financial innovations within the impact investing space that have evolved to address these issues, with the ultimate goal of creating profitable investment instruments that not only benefit all parties in question, but also make the world a better place by helping groups normally underrepresented in business leadership.

Latinos in Finance Mixer & Departing Board Members

Latinos in Finance would like to extend a well deserved congratulations and a warm farewell to our former president, Kennie Blanco, whom is leaving to attend the University of Chicago's MBA program, and to our former Young Professionals Chair and Finance Boot Camp lead, Gustavo Mena, whom is leaving to attend Princeton's Masters of Finance program. We would like to thank both of them for their commitment to the mission of Latinos in Finance, and we wish them the utmost success in their future endeavors!

Upcoming Events in June

Latinas in Finance Mixer – Wednesday, June 15th from 4:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Latinas In Finance invites all members to kick off the summer with a mixer to say farewell to our board member, Maria Gutierrez, and welcome our new committee chair, Veronica Genao. The mixer will take place at the Natoma Cabana at 90 Natoma Street in San Francisco.

Money Talks: Boosting Your Financial Influence and Potential – Tuesday, June 21 from 5:30 PM -7:30 PM

Presented by the Bay Area Women Leaders Network and co-hosted by LIF President Valerie Wong, this event is focused on negotiating your worth and leveraging your financial power to become a powerful influencer. The goal of this session is to help women accomplish their professional and personal goals by pegging a financial value to their ambitions. There will also be cocktails and cash giveaways.

This is a paid event that will take place at the TechShop at 926 Howard Street in San Francisco. To purchase tickets and learn more, please click here.

 Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in giving back to Latinos in Finance? Our annual Finance Boot Camp for college students is coming up and we need volunteers!

We're seeking experienced professionals who can present on a finance-related topic, as well as volunteers that would like to help with the planning of the event. This year's Finance Boot Camp will take place in early September. Our goal is to share best practices with Latinos that want to break into the finance industry. If you are interested in helping, please reach out to Ari Valadez via email at, or on her cell, at (559) 630-2086.

Employment Opportunities

CalPERS is seeking investment professionals for the following positions:

  • Private Equity (PE) is recruiting to fill one Investment Officer I position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 6/21/2016.
  • Global Fixed Income (GFI) is recruiting to fill one Investment Officer I position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 6/24/2016.
  • Real Assets (RA) is recruiting to fill one Investment Officer II position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 6/15/2016.
  • Global Fixed Income (GFI) is recruiting to fill one Investment Officer III position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 6/30/2016.
  • Global Fixed Income (GFI) is recruiting to fill one Investment Officer III position. Applications will be accepted until the close of business on 6/17/2016. 

May Newsletter

The spring is off to a great start at Latinos in Finance! We'd like to provide you with an update on our most recent events, as well as a calendar of events that LIF members will be attending in the month of May. 

April Event Recap

Executive Presence

Over 40 LIF members and Deloitte employees attended a thought-provoking seminar by Noni Allwood at Deloitte's office in San Francisco. Noni shared highlights from the research she conducted while consulting for the Center for Talent Innovation and writing Cracking the Code: Executive Presence and Multicultural Professionals. The seminar highlighted specific character traits exhibited by professionals in executive positions, and delved into the some of the challenges that Latinos may face in regards to having their leadership skills recognized. Noni challenged attendees to find ways to exhibit executive presence by challenging the status quo and being their authentic selves. Latinos in Finance would like to thank Noni for contributing her time, knowledge, and expertise to this event.

Latino Community Foundation Gala: Inspiring Philanthropy con Sabor Latino

Latinos in Finance sponsored a table at the Latino Community Foundation's 11th annual gala. The highlight of the evening was the dialogue featuring Darren Walker, the president of the Ford Foundation. Darren urged attendees to not only consider philanthropy as a means to share their wealth with the disadvantaged, but also work to reform a societal system that reinforces privileged upbringings at the expense of the disadvantaged. The gala featured celebrations of Latino culture, hosting local restaurants, winemakers, and music. 

Upcoming Events in May

SOCAP 365 - Expanding Financial Inclusion: Creating Products with Dignity, Quality, and Affordability

Latinos in Finance is a co-presenting sponsor for the upcoming SOCAP 365 event. The evening will feature panelists from Mission Asset FundEARN, and Opportune, for a discussion that will be moderated by the SF Office of Financial Empowerment. The event will cover culturally appropriate financial tools for communities that have been historically discriminated against, along with ways to expand the circle of financial inclusion in a manner that is sustainable for the providers.


Monday, May 16
6:30 - 8:30pm


Impact Hub San Francisco
901 Mission Street Suite 105
San Francisco, CA


This is a paid event
Use the promotional code LIF365 for a $10 LIF member discount
You can RSVP here

Latino Community Foundation LGBT Event

The Latino Community Foundation is hosting an event calling LGBT Latinos and allies to lead a new donor movement. 


Tuesday, May 10
5:30pm -7:00pm


B44 Restaurant
44 Belden Place
San Francisco, CA

You can RSVP by emailing Anna Gagliuffi at

Job Posting

ACA Compliance Group is seeking compliance analysts to fill positions in San Francisco and Silver Spring, MD. Compliance Analysts assist ACA consultants in providing regulatory consulting services to investment advisers and other firms in the investment industry.

To learn more about this position, click here and contact Jorge Rodriguez at


March Newsletter

The year is off to a great start at Latinos in Finance! We'd like to provide you with an update on our most recent FinTech event, as well as a calendar of events that LIF members will be attending in the month of March. 


FinTech: The Future of Finance Update

Latinos in Finance, in partnership with the San Francisco ALPFA Chapter, hosted over 60 attendees at KPMG's San Francisco office to learn about the current state, and future, of Financial Technology (FinTech). The event provided an introduction to FinTech, and covered the current organizations paving the way for a new financial landscape. The event also highlighted different paths that students and young professionals can take to pursue a career in FinTech. We'd like to extend a special thank you to the moderator and panelists for contributing their knowledge and expertise during the event. 

Upcoming Events

  • 2016 Leadership Convening and HIPGiver Gala - Thursday, March 10th from 9:00 AM - 10:00 PM - Join members of LIF as we attend Hispanics in Philanthropy's (HIP's) 2016 Gala. This year's HIPGivers include Wilmer Valderrama (actor & producer), Arturo Castro (actor), Juan Felipe Herrera (U.S. Poet Laureate), and Eliseo Perez-Stable (Director of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities), among others. Ramon Murguia (Trustee, W.K. Kellogg Foundation & Owner of Murguia Law Firm) will be hosting a panel - "Leading Chage"- focused on bringing diverse perspectives to your leadership style. Ana Marie Argilagos (Senior Advisor at the Ford Foundation) will focus on strategies for building sustainable and inclusive communities in her panel "Navigating Complex Relationships." This year's event will take place at the Sonoma Mission Inn & Spa. Click here to register and learn more about the event. Clickhere to learn more about HIP. 
  • Schwab  Networking Event - Thursday, March 10th from 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM - Schwab is hosting an exclusive networking event in San Francisco for professionals interested in pursuing a wealth management career. Come to this event to network with local Schwab employees while learning more about the Company's culture, opportunities and hiring process. As this event is invite-only, those interested should contact LIF board member Juan Barroso at to RSVP. Click here to view the event brochure. Click here to learn more about employment opportunities currently available at Schwab. 
  • LIF Networking Event - Thursday, March 24th from 6:00 PM - 8:00PM - Join members of Latinos in Finance for our quarterly networking event at the Press Club in San Francisco. Please visit our event page to learn more about the event and RSVP. 
  • Executive Presence - Tuesday, April 19th from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM - Save the date for the event "Executive Presence," sponsored by Deloitte, and co-hosted by Latinos In Finance. Noni Allwood will be leading a presentation focused on building executive presence within your career and community. Noni Allwood has more than 15 years of executive experience with Fortune 500 companies, most notably at Tandem Corporation and Cisco Systems, where she served as the senior director of diversity and inclusion. This event will be followed by a networking session, where attendees can connect with Deloitte professionals and Latinos In Finance members. RSVP to attend this event at Deloitte's San Francisco offices by e-mailing Gustavo Mena at

Highlighted Job Openings

Click on the links below to learn more about new job opportunities currently available at CalPERS:

November Newsletter

Latinas in Finance Event with Julie Castro Abrams:
"When Latinas Lead: Leveraging Strengths and Networks” 
Friday Dec. 4th at 3PM

Co-Hosted with the BlackRock Multicultural Network

Join us at BlackRock in San Francisco for a discussion on the growing role, influence, and power of professional Latina leaders within the workplace and their respective communities. Julie Castro Abrams will be leading this informative discussion. Julie is a philanthropist who launched the Bay Area Women's Philanthropy Network, and serves as a leader on the boards of organizations focused on women and children, Latinos, economic development, and the arts. Thousands of new businesses attribute their launch and growth to her support, which has resulted in millions toward economic growth in their respective communities.

RSVP with Valerie Wong at

Scholarship and Internship Opportunities – Deadlines very soon!

Help us in our effort to empower the next generation of Latino finance professionals by forwarding the following life-changing career opportunities to the students/mentees in your networks.

BlackRock Founders Scholarship & Internship:

BlackRock is offering a scholarship for diverse groups which includes the Summer Internship Program and a merit award of $12,500. This opportunity is available for all New York and San Francisco roles. Click here to learn more. 

Eligible Participants:  Those who self-identify as Black, Hispanic, Native American, LGBT or disabled and will graduate college between September 2016 to June 2017.

Application Deadline:  November 15, 2015 @ 11:59pm EST

Interview Timeline: December 2015

Charles Schwab Internship Program

Schwab's 9-week internship program offers a number of different tracks, including corporate finance, marketing, investment management, accounting, and so forth. Interns in last year's program represented a broad array of academic backgrounds, ranging from the liberal arts to the sciences. Schwab's program provides great exposure to the financial services industry for any talented undergrad. Click here to learn more.

Eligible Participants: Those enrolled in a current undergraduate or graduate program tracking to a bachelors or masters degree graduating between December 2016 and May/June 2017.  

How to Apply: Search Schwab's jobs listings under “2016 Schwab Intern Academy” to learn more about the specific application deadlines for different tracks. Check Schwab's recruiting events calendar for opportunities throughout 2016 to meet Schwab's recruiters in person.

October Newsletter

Prior to covering our highlights for the month of October, we’d first like to express our gratitude for the 30+ volunteers that devoted their time and resources towards making our 7th Annual Finance Boot Camp an outstanding success. 

Students from all backgrounds had the opportunity to meet and learn from reputable Latino professionals, whose inspiration served to increase our membership, and established the foundation for our growth onto college campuses nationwide. We would like to thank BlackRock, New York Life, and Charles Schwab for their financial support, as well as Wells Fargo, for promoting internship opportunities to the Latino students in attendance.

Heading forward, we have several initiatives we’d like to share with you, and we look forward to your involvement and support in the month of October.

Fall Initiatives

LIF Student Ambassador Program: 

In a dedicated effort to maintain the momentum we gained during our boot camp this year, we are excited to announce a new LIF Student Ambassador program. We are looking for young aspiring finance professionals with demonstrated leadership potential to be the face of LIF on college campuses nationwide. If you know of any college students that would be interested in leading an LIF affiliated campus group, please refer them to Maria Gutierrez at

LIF Internship Program: 

We are also looking to hire several student interns. LIF internships will provide students with a great opportunity to obtain leadership experience, while gaining exposure to a growing  501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our internships are ideal for students that attended the boot camp, and are interested in seeking a part-time opportunity while they study at their respective university. If there is a student that you would like to recommend for one of our internship openings, please contact Maria Gutierrez at

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, Oct. 7th from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM – Latinas in Finance Fall Mixer

In case you missed the registration deadline, we still have several spots available for our Fall Mixer, hosted by our women’s group, Latinas in Finance, at the Palm House (map) in San Francisco. We invite you to join us after work for a reception with Monika Mantilla, a prominent Latina in the impact investing space, holding the title of CEO at Altura Capital Group, and Managing Partner at Small Business Community Capital, which manages the SBCC Impact Fund. Please contact Valerie Wong at to register to attend.

Thursday, Oct. 15th – Catalyst, hosted by The Alumni Society

Netflix will be the host sponsor of The Alumni Society’s Catalyst Event in San Francisco. The Catalyst Event will bring together high-achieving Latino executives and top corporations based in California to network and foster meaningful discussion. Andrés Tapia, senior partner at talent consultant Korn Ferry and author of The Inclusion Paradox: The Obama Era and the Transformation of Global Diversity, will speak at the event. The invitation-only summit will be hosted at Clift Hotel (map), 495 Geary St., San Francisco. Those interested in attending should visit the Alumni Society's join page

LIF September 2015 Newsletter

This newsletter was sent to LIF members on Sept 2nd. If you did not receive this email, please fill in your information on

September is slated to be a busy month for Latinos in Finance (LIF). If you are in town and available, please make an effort to join us.

 Finance Boot Camp - Saturday, September 26

We have been successful in generating strong interest for this year’s LIF Finance Boot Camp, which will be taking place on September 26th at BlackRock's office in San Francisco. So far, we have 120 registered students representing various universities around the country. This year, students will have the opportunity to learn from Latino professionals via a speed networking session, an interviewing workshop, a trading game, and several breakout sessions hosted by LIF volunteers.

Notable speakers for our breakout sessions include: Dianne Sandoval - Investment Manager, CalPERS, Michael Torres - CEO, Adelante Capital Management, Michael Maestas - Managing Director, Charles Schwab Alternative Investments, and Julio Quinteros, Senior Vice President, Opus Global. 

We are extremely grateful for the support received from our corporate sponsors this year, which include BlackRock, New York Life, and Charles Schwab. Their donations have allowed us to reach over three times as many students as last year, which considerably expands our reach and impact as we strive to prepare Latino college students for careers in finance.

For more information regarding the Boot Camp, please feel free to contact our coordinator for this year's event, Gustavo Mena.
Upcoming Events

  • Thursday, Sep. 10th from 7:30 AM - 4:00 PM - CalPERS Diversity Forum-  Speakers and panels at the September 10 forum, to be held at the Sacramento Convention Center, will look at the representation of women and minorities on corporate boards and at investment management firms, and discuss best practices for building a diverse and inclusive culture, among other topics. Those interested can register for the event on CalPERS' Diversity and Inclusion Page.
  • Thursday, Sep. 17th from 4:00 PM -7:30 PM - "Growing Your Career by Leveraging Your Strengths" - 10 tickets are available for LIF members to attend this event, hosted at Schwab in San Francisco. Those interested should contact our board member Juan Barroso for more information, as the event is already full. More information can be found on the Eventbrite page.
  • Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015 at 4:30 PM - Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 at 2:00 PM - SOCAP 2015 - The Social Capital 2015 conference will convene leading impact investors, world-class entrepreneurs, and innovative cross-sector practitioners onOctober 6-9 for three full days of networking and engaging content at the intersection of money and meaning. LIF has received a partner discount of $500 off for interested members, as well as a scholarship ticket for a current college student. Please send any questions regarding the event to our board memberHernan Vargas. More information can be found on the Eventbrite page.

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