Monthly Member Spotlight

Ariadne Valadez

Ariadne is the Director of Events and Education at Latinos in Finance. In her professional role, she is part of the Cyber Security Defense Office in Wells Fargo’s Corporate Risk group. Ariadne helps drive major cyber security-related initiatives, including enterprise asset management, infrastructure simplification, and assessment of emerging technologies. She is based in San Francisco and earned her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the Haas School of Business. Her passions originate from her personal experiences and is dedicated to improving education in low income communities and diversity in the workplace. During her free time, Ariadne enjoys reading, dancing to Latin music and running half marathons.

Recently, your role expanded from Treasurer to Director of Events and Education. What motivated you to take a larger role in the expansion of the organization?

Latinos in Finance is in a very exciting period of growth and my goal was to leverage my prior experience to add value and develop along with the organization.  As treasurer, I implemented a process to manage our overall finances and created a sponsorship package to ensure the financial stability of the organization. However, I was motivated to take on the Director of Events and Education role because it sets me in a position outside of my comfort zone where I will be able to help lead the organization to success. Personally, I am highly motivated by learning and growth opportunities and I think that upward moves into different professions, different industries or significantly different roles require us to stretch ourselves to do so.

What is a personal goal that you hope to achieve in LIF this year? What potential prospect for the organization excites you the most?

Goal setting is a powerful process I practice for thinking about ideas and for motivating myself to turn my visions into actionable items. One of my goals is to introduce a program to demystify the MBA process through a series of events and webcasts to provide members with a clear path and resources. Overall, I hope to be able to identify the gaps and needs of our members to produce solutions and help them be successful in their endeavors.


Have you learned anything from participating in the organization? What about any beneficial effects on your career?

There are numerous valuable lessons I’ve from my leadership roles in the organization. I don’t even know where to begin! Perhaps the most valuable thing I’ve taken away is that stepping up means taking ownership of your long-term development as a professional.  The opportunity to meet top executives from various companies has allowed me to cultivate a network of professionals that are always willing to provide career advice to strategically make decisions.  It has also provided me with visibility at Wells Fargo by working with the Diversity Manager and Community Foundation lead, which I otherwise would not have. It is a win-win because I benefit from a career advancement perspective while doing what I am passionate about.


Please leave us with some motivating words for what prospective and current members can expect from the exciting projects you are working on this year!

The most exciting project is, of course, the 9th Annual Finance Bootcamp! This year, members can expect to hear from various successful and engaging leaders across the industry. Recruiters from top banks will be leading the professional development workshops and hosting on-the-spot informational sessions.  This will be an incredible opportunity for members to learn, find mentors and connect with one another. Please stay tuned for registration information!