Monthly Member Spotlight

Hector Martinez


Hector A. Martinez serves as the Chair of the External Relations Committee for LiF and works as a Corporate Tax Associate for KPMG in San Francisco. Hector also works with My Money My Future, a Latina owned financial wellness platform focused on providing financial tools and guidance to multicultural millennials. Hector graduated from the University of San Francisco as a part of the McLaren Honors Program with a B.S in Accounting and was the president of the Salvadoran Student Union (U.S.E.U).

Q: As Chair of the External Relations committee, you are responsible for outreach on behalf of the organization. What inspired you to do outreach in particular?

A: I have always been drawn to the people at Latinos in Finance. It was through LiF that I met one of my mentors and good friend, Juan Barroso. He encouraged me to join the board and I am glad I made that decision. The kind of care and love the organization showed me is what I want people to feel when they connect with LiF.

Q: What is the most fulfilling aspect of your position in LiF? Do you have any interesting stories?

A: A specific moment at our most recent Bootcamp - Ariadne Valadez and Andrew Kaban put on an amazing event and what stood out to me was the range in age of people who attended. I remember seeing a group of kids who were about 10 years old and it reminded me of why I want to be a part of this special organization. I had a great support system as a kid from my parents, my older brother, my teachers, and mentors through school. My hope is that everybody can find those kinds of people in LiF who freely give help so that we can all rise and reach our potential as Latinos in the world of finance.

Q: Please tell us about your personal goals within the committee. What is your greatest wish that you would like to see External Relations accomplish?

A: My main goal is to increase awareness to some of the amazing things being put on by our board members. I know that the more people hear about what is going on with LiF, the more people will want to become involved in some way. The mentorship program started by Andrew has been amazing in connecting individuals to mentors and I can’t wait to see the impact of that 1 to 5 years down the line.

We organized an event with the Latino Startup Alliance and SHPE Bay Area and live stream parts of the event on our FB page & LiF FB page. I look forward to continue live streaming our events in the future. We recently started a new program called Campus to Career where we host events at local universities. If you want LiF to come to your school, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Q: Has your work with LiF impacted your professional career as well?

A: Absolutely! LiF has given me the opportunity to create meaningful relationships with people from all walks of life. I now have people in my network who are willing to help me and provided opportunities that I wouldn’t have thought imaginable.

Q: Any other advice for people looking to get involved?

A: I encourage you to continue to grow your network and start by asking and identifying ways in which you can help a specific person that you want to connect to. A funny thing happens when you help someone with something; they feel like they should reciprocate that and do something for you and for others. However, true impact will come from seeking to help each other regardless of what we get in return. I want all of us to reach our goals and if I can help one person on their path to success, then that is truly a special feeling. For anything I may be able to help with, reach out to