November Newsletter

Event Recap

Understanding Her: Partnering to Propel Millennial Women - The Bay Area Women Leader’s Network in partnership with Latinos in Finance presented a two part event about how to best foster the talents of young millennial professionals.

The first part of the event featured three accomplished female authors who write about management and leadership. Lee Caraher, CEO of Prism Work and author of Millennials & Management, dispelled many negative myths about millennials and offering advice to managers about how to retain millennial staff. Listen Stromberg, COO of the 3% Movement and author of Work Pause Thrive: How to Pause for Parenthood Without Killing Your Career spoke about how to integrate motherhood with a high achieving and ambitious career. Among her findings was that many high achieving women paused their careers (meaning to engage in part time work or to temporarily leave the workforce altogether) at some point, and did not regret it. Meanwhile, 40% of mothers who did not pause their career regretted not taking the time to step back. She also spoke about the value millennials placed on work/life balance and how this may come into play in the future, urging managers to respect this need to retain valuable staff. Lastly, the final speaker was Noni Allwood, co-author of Latinos in the Workplace: Unleashing the Power of Culture and frequent LiF contributor. Noni emphasized the importance and value of a millennial workforce, and ways that managers can cultivate talent from that demographic.

The second part of the event featured speed mentoring to the millennial women present, matching them with accomplished mentors in 10-minute blocks. Among the mentors was the President of Latinos in Finance, Valerie Wong.

Latinos in Finance would like to thank the Bay Area Women Leader’s Network for the partnership and for providing the opportunity to engage in outreach to young professionals.

La Familia: Latinos in Finance in the Community

Latinos in Finance believes strongly in giving back to the community, especially with Thanksgiving fast approaching. The month of November saw three initiatives geared towards giving back to the Latinos community with our unique skills.

The first Latinos in Finance Professional Clothing Drive was a success. The clothing drive, co-sponsored by ALPFA and Latinos in Finance, was for the benefit of Dolores Street Community Services. The Dolores Street Shelter Program provides support and emergency housing to homeless working men in San Francisco, with their programs specifically tailored to fit the needs of Latino men. As part of the program, Latinos in Finance and ALPFA agreed to support the shelter by donating professional clothing for these men to wear to job interviews. The drive collected 40 items to set up homeless Latinos for future success. In the words of Rocco Lopez Program Manager at Dolores Street Community Services:

"The donations are beautiful!  This is going to make such a difference for folks that need professional clothing for interviews/jobs."

Latinos in Finance also hosted Financial Planning EN ESPAÑOL, held at Iglesia San Mateo Unidos de Cristo and hosted by our President, Valerie Wong. The event was free and open to all members of the community. Among the topics for discussion were meeting financial goals, saving money for children to go to college, and retirement planning. The event served to bridge a knowledge gap in common topics among Latinos who are not professionals in the financial services industry, as many basic resources are not available in Spanish.

Lastly, the Latinos in Finance Mentorship Program is underway, presently matching students with mentors. Over 50 students signed up for this program and we are excited to mentor the next generation of finance professionals!

Help us improve!

Have ideas for future events? Interested in a specific event topic? Now’s your chance! Latinos in Finance is committed to serving the needs of Latino finance professionals and students. In that spirit, please fill out this poll and let us know what you want to see in the future!

For any questions, feedback, or additional input regarding the poll, please email Kathleen Velasquez at

From all of us at Latinos in Finance, we wish you and your family a happy and wonderful Thanksgiving!